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UMJ Heart & vessels
(Ukrainian medical journal Heart & vessels)

Ukrainian scientific and practical specialized journal


The journal is intended for health care professionals.

It is published from March, 2003.


Founders: Bogomolets National Medical University, Association of Cardiologists, Vascular and Cardiac Surgeons of Kyiv, citizen of Ukraine Kateryna Amosova, citizen of Ukraine Volodymyr Mishalov, PE "Inpol L"


ISSN: 1727-5717 (Print), 2521-6910 (Online)

Ukrainian Medical Journal Heart and Vessels is indexed in Science Index and Google Scholar databases.


Registration certificate: 21689-1589 issued 24.11.2015


The journal is certified by the State Commission for Academic Degrees and Titles
Annex 9 to the Order of Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine issued 09.03.2016, No. 241


Publisher: "VIT--POL" LLC

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4(60) // 2017

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K. M. Amosova 1, I. I. Gorda 1, A. B. Bezrodnyi 1, G. V. Mostbauer 1, Yu. V. Rudenko 1, A. V. Sablin 2, N. V. Melnychenko 2, Yu. O. Sychenko 1, I. V. Prudkiy 1&a

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