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Editorial Office Services


  • Preparation of informational and promotional materials by experienced professionals (translation from English and other languages, proofreading, editing).
  • Professional pre-printing of information and corporate materials.
  • Production of reprints of articles that have been published in journals.
  • Posting of published information and promotional materials on website.
  • Design and placement of banner advertising on website.
  • Manufacture of original advertising layout and design.
  • Prepress and production of printed products (books, calendars, booklets, brochures).
  • Printing services.
  • Transport deliverance.

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4(60) // 2017

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K. M. Amosova 1, I. I. Gorda 1, A. B. Bezrodnyi 1, G. V. Mostbauer 1, Yu. V. Rudenko 1, A. V. Sablin 2, N. V. Melnychenko 2, Yu. O. Sychenko 1, I. V. Prudkiy 1&a

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